Non-Intervention Policy

Why do we spend billions to police other parts of the world?

It really does not make sense for the U.S. Federal Reserve to create billions of dollars out of thin air in support of our global campaign for international intervention into the affairs of other nations. Every year, our federal government sinks further and further in debt as we seek to stabilize very unstable parts of the world.

Defense of our nation and military retaliation for attacks on our liberty and personal freedoms is one thing, but continued involvement in the day-to-day management of another country is something else.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul expressed Libertarian concerns over intervention into the affairs of foreign countries when he campaigned that “By choosing sides, we create new enemies and grudges against the United States.”

This is often complicated by the fact that we don’t always choose the right side when we wage war under the disguise of fighting for the rights and freedoms of others. In fact, such reckless involvement continues to threaten our nation’s security while providing a convenient excuse for government expansion.

It’s Time to Reduce Foreign Aid and Cut Taxes

Billions of our taxpayer’s dollars are allocated annually to defend other wealthy nations and to support an array of entitlement programs in many foreign countries. In addition, our government has unwittingly subsidized our enemies by fattening the wallets of dictators in nations with outspoken anti-American sentiments. Unwittingly, our government ends up funding terrorism, by supplying much of the wealth needed to promote aggressive actions against the Western world.

Without money, terrorism will be diminished.

Cutting waste from our defense budget can dramatically reduce the burden to the American taxpayer. By promoting economic improvements in our country and eliminating barriers to free trade, we can do more to support economic growth worldwide and avoid the accidental funding of unworthy regimes.

If you believe we should stop nation-building on foreign soil, then now is the time to restore America to its constitutional tradition of limited government and non-interventionism.


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