Foreign Policy: End Entangling Alliances

Another aspect of our “Creating a Smaller Government Footprint” deals with our failed foreign policy. For too long we have been unnecessarily providing the national defense for Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and whole host of other nations where we have our troops stationed.

The wealthy countries I have named above are financially capable of providing for their own national defense. It is unfair for the American Taxpayer to continue footing the bill for these wealthy countries. The truth is we can no longer afford to defend someone else’s dream, it is time to rebuild our own.

Below are some links to policy positions I support and would pursue if elected.

The U.S.-South Korea Alliance: Outdated, Unnecessary, and Dangerous   …..   by Doug Bandow

Time to Stop Fooling Ourselves about Foreign Aid: A Practitioner’s View  ….. by Thomas Dichter

Syria’s Domestic Cleavages: A Snare for Western Intervention …..  by Ted Galen Carpenter

Why Does U.S. Pay to Protect Prosperous Allies?  …..  by Christopher Preble

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