There are many issues that are on peoples mind today. Many more than the government is capable of handling. Our approach to the issues of the day is quite simple, what is the Federal Government’s Constitutional authorized responsibility in this issue? If there is not a clearly defined role, then we will refer everyone to the 10th Amendment.

Most Americans agree that the Federal Government is too big, too expensive and is way too powerful. Or as my Grandmother would say, “Too big for your britches.”

I pledge to work tirelessly if elected to actively advocate for and propose legislation that would reduce the size and scope of the Government. I believe the Government’s limited role in peoples lives is to protect the individual from force or fraud. Individuals make choices in their daily lives, some are good and some are bad. As long as an individuals choices do not affect the life, liberty or property of another, then he should be free to make those choices.

In today’s political climate people are so accustomed to having only two choice on an issue, left and right, Democrat or Republican. Having another choice that is neither left, right or middle is a little mind boggling for people. Libertarians, ironically are not even on the same road as the political establishment of the two main parties. We follow the road that was set forth by our founding fathers. We are strict Constitutionalists and support the Founder’s ideas of a limited Federal Government.

We look forward to working together, hearing your thoughts and concerns, and restoring our country to greatness.


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