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September 24, 2012

Muir Boda Endorses Dr. Dean Ahmad for US Senate

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September 24, 2012

Dr. Dean Ahmad, Libertarian for US Senate in Maryland

Salisbury, MD: Muir Boda, the Libertarian Candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 1st District, is announcing his full support and endorsement of Dr. I. Dean Ahmad for US Senate in Maryland. In a statement, Boda had this to say about Dr. Ahmad:

“Dr. Dean Ahmad’s story is an incredible American Journey. Born on the open waters as his family was fleeing Palestine in 1948 to graduating from Harvard University 1970, then going on to earning a Doctorate in Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Arizona, is no small feat. Dr. Ahmad has been a Champion of the Liberty Movement for decades and has worked hard to bring the Libertarian Party to where it is today both here in Maryland and Nationally.

Dr. Ahmad’s lifetime of Liberty activism has garnered him a tremendous amount of respect and I can think of no one else who I could whole heartedly endorse to represent Maryland in the United States Senate than Dr. Dean Ahmad.”

For more information on Dr. Dean Ahmad’s campaign visit his website at, Muir Boda’s campaign at, the Maryland Libertarian Party at and the Libertarian Party at

Dean Ahmad endorsement

June 3, 2012

Governor Gary Johnson Endorses Muir Boda for Congress

Muir Boda for US Congress, Maryland 1st District.

Muir Boda’s family history goes back hundreds of years on the Eastern Shore. For the past 18 years he has been an Asset Protection Manager for Walmart.

Governor Johnson states, “Muir Boda’s consistent stand for Civil Liberties, less government regulation, and minimum taxes will create a safer America where all can prosper.”

Muir Boda, “Only the Johnson/Gray ticket stands for a federal government that is small enough to fit inside the US Constitution. I fully endorse Governor Johnson and Judge Gray.”

May 24, 2012

Muir Boda Receives the Endorsement from Liberty Candidates

Muir Boda received the Endorsement from Liberty Candidates.

The link below is the official endorsement.

Muir Boda Liberty Press Release

May 5, 2012

Gov. Gary Johnson Officicially The Libertarian Candidate for President

Governor Gary Johnson – Libertarian For President

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson was nominated today as the Libertarian Candidate for President, Judge Jim Gray has been selected as the Candidate for Vice-President.

Gary Johnson served two terms as the Governor of New Mexico. He vetoed over 750 pieces of legislation and he lowered taxes 14 times. He is a strong advocate for abolishing the IRS, eliminating all payroll taxes and moving to a national consumption tax. He is a strict Constitutionalist and believes government’s only responsibility is protect us from force or fraud. He believes we all should, Live Free.

Judge Jim Gary is a former Superior Court Judge from the State of California. He is a strong advocate for ending the War on Drugs.

I fully support and endorse Gary Johnson for President and I look forward to fighting for Liberty at his side.

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April 23, 2012

Dr. Richard Davis Endorses Muir Boda

Dr. Richard Davis

A few months ago the Maryland Libertarian Party offered me the opportunity for a third run for the First District Congressional seat.  After careful consideration I concluded that I have reached an age where I would no longer consider a regular commute to Washington and suggested it was time for a younger candidate.

I got to know Muir Boda fairly well during my last campaign, where he was very helpful.  We had enough contact to give me a good idea of his political leanings.  If there is any difference between his political philosophy and mine, it might be that he is somewhat more optimistic than I that there may still be enough time to avert the economic and civil liberties train wreck that the federal and state governments are still clearly determined to impose upon us.

Muir is younger and much more “tech savvy” than I, so he will be able to run a much more active campaign than I was, a counter to one of the biggest criticisms I heard about my campaigns.  His fund raising experience from his Salisbury campaigns should help him raise funds for a more highly visible campaign, where my philosophical aversion to the fund-railing process was another criticism I received frequently.

I will be supporting Muir Boda and I strongly urge all who supported me in the last two campaigns to do so.


Richard J. Davis, D.D.S.

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