The EPA, OSHA and Other Duplicated Services

As a part of our “Smaller Government Footprint” goal, we are proposing the elimination of multiple government agencies and departments.

OSHA– We recognize that the Federal Government is charged with regulating commerce between the states. However, OSHA’s authority extends beyond what is Constitutionally permitted. We believe OSHA should be eliminated for several reasons. First, most if not all states have a duplicated version of OSHA, for example Maryland has MOSHA and it regulates the same things as OSHA does (reference to the 10th Amendment). Second, many of the inter-state commerce issues that OSHA regulates is already regulated in many other Federal Agencies. Third, OSHA operates from a position of fear and under the authority that they can walk into any business in America and shut it down. When business owners and their employees have to work in such an environment, historically we have called that tyranny and I for one do not wish to live in a tyrannical society.

The EPA – A controversial subject at best. When brought up as a candidate for elimination some cheer, some hiss and some are shocked that anyone would dare mention it. Most states already have versions of the EPA that implement and regulate the same things. Maryland for example has the MDE – Maryland Department of the Environment. Even at a the Federal level other Departments and Agencies such as the Department of Energy, Department of Commerce and the Department of Transportation already regulate many of the same issues. Why do we need another level of Federal Bureaucracy adding more regulations on an already over regulated society?

The Department of Education – Certainly many people will try to justify the necessity of the Department of Education however it has little to no effect on education. The responsibility of education belongs at the State and Local level. The Federal Government’s involvement with the No Child Left Behind Act was disastrous at best and left a bunch of kids behind in the opinion of many.

Centralized dictation on issues is usually inefficient and overbearing. Though many begin with good intentions, throughout history more people have lost their liberty and their lives because people had good intentions.

We are not saying these issues do not need to be addressed. Many of the States already address them. These are issues that are not directly authorized to the Federal Government in the Constitution and according to the 10th Amendment, these are to be left to the States and the people. If anyone feels so moved that they need the Federal Government to address these issues, then my suggestion is put a movement together and change the Constitution.

There will be more added to this list on a frequent basis. A few people may need to catch their breath.

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