Libertarianism and the Environment

Often the perception of the words Libertarian and Environment is they mix as well as oil and water. Most certainly the agenda and political leanings of the two paths cross occasionally but just as sharply part when it comes to certain points. Libertarians themselves have a variety of opinions on different environmental issues, which is common with Libertarians on many issues. Mary Ruwart expresses the official position of the Libertarian Party.

From my perspective as a Libertarian, I approach each issue with the premise that places individual liberty and freedom first. An individual is free to use their own property in any manner that they choose so long as what is done, does not harm the property or individual liberty and rights of another. If their actions cause another harm, then they are responsible for the damage they cause.

In that statement above, I view entities such as corporations, businesses, groups and governments as individual entities. They are responsible for their own actions and if their actions cause harm to an individual (including another entity), an individual’s property or their actions deprive an individual of their right to life and liberty, then those entities are responsible for reparations to that individual or that individual’s descendants.

In simpler terms, he makes the mess, should pay to clean it up.

With that said, when it comes to individual issues such as the Chesapeake Bay, we have to look at the issue in totality and approach it with common sense solutions. The days of finger pointing and blaming one group over another for the condition of the Bay must end. This link will take you to my position on the Chesapeake Bay.

To simplify my approach, individual rights comes first. Those that harm another or their property are responsible for damages, including governments and specifically those acting as agents of that government.

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