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May 31, 2012

Immigration Solutions

Recently in the Daily Times, the opportunity was given to Republican and Democrat Central Committee members to express their views on immigration. Both made valid points, however neither really offered any solutions. Miguel Mitchell mentioned amnesty, however it does not address the long-term need for reform.

Libertarian Lorenzo Gaztañaga advocated for a policy that focused on “Peaceful people crossing borders peacefully for peaceful purposes.” I believe any solution should be built around this principle.

We would create a process in concert with the Mexican Government (before expanding to other countries) where those interested in temporarily working in the United States may apply for available jobs here. Employers can post work that they have available, it is a user fee based system and the employer is responsible for transporting the employee.

Those that are currently undocumented would be given a one-time opportunity to apply for the program with their employer applying as well. All back taxes must be paid and proper documentation obtained to ensure everything is done properly. This does not put them on path for citizenship; it only authorizes them to legally work in the United States.

This process is simple, humane and fair. It creates a process that is efficient and fair and it is a user pay system.

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