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July 12, 2012

Reforming Social Security – It’s about Choice

One of the most controversial topics and the one issue that many politicians do not want to talk about let alone think about it. The cowardice of Congress to seriously deal with this issue has created a situation where the “head in the sand” philosophy will no longer work. This issue must be addressed head on and American must be told the truth from those whom we have placed with this trust, because that trust has been broken.

Many Americans of my generation and those coming behind me realize that Social Security as we know it is not going to be there when we reach retirement age. The simple fact that mathematics is now quickly catching up and the failure of reforming the program 20 years ago has caused this problem. So what do we do? With most Americans not saving and the average American spends 117% of there income, what can be done?

There are few proposals out there from Democrats and Republicans; even those are vague and do not address the root cause of the problem. There is one solution that will work.

Michael Tanner from the CATO Institute is the Director of Social Security Choice and he proposed the idea of the 6.2% Solution in 2004. With his permission I am integrating his proposal as a part of my Campaign Platform.

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