About the Candidate

Roots. Deep roots.

Muir Boda’s family history goes back hundreds of years on the Eastern Shore. To say he is deeply rooted on the Eastern Shore would most certainly be an understatement.

Born Muir Wayne Cummings, Jr. to Brenda Faulkner Cummings and Muir Wayne Cummings, Sr. of Tilghman Island, his family history traces through the Tilghmans, the Taylors, the Faulkners, the Phillips, the Gannons and the Lowerys. You most certainly can’t get more Eastern Shore that, especially when it is rumored that his mother put Old Bay Seasoning in his bottle as a baby.

His father, Muir Sr., was a waterman up until his untimely death aboard the Hayruss IV, which sank during the Winter Storm of 1979. In that tragic accident, Muir lost not only his father but his grandfather George Cummings, an uncle and two cousins. In what was one of the most devastating and emotional accidents to hit the close knit community of Tilghman Island and the common brotherhood of watermen up and down the bay, a deep rooted love and respect for the Chesapeake Bay and people of the Eastern Shore is carved in his heart. That tragic experience was one that brought out the best character trait of the Eastern Shore, reaching out and taking care of their own.

In 1981, Muir’s mother remarried to Reverend John Boda, son of the Reverend Alex Boda who has served churches on Tilghman Island, at Salisbury and East New Market. They moved to West Virginia and lived in Garret County, Maryland and Waynesville, North Carolina where Muir graduated from High School at Tuscola Senior High.

In 1991, Muir and his family moved back to the Eastern Shore and lived in Sharptown. Muir started working for Walmart in 1993 and eventually lived in Northern Virginia where he met his wife Briggiti who is from Peru.

in January of 2009, Briggiti became citizen of the United States and cast her first vote as an American Citizen for her Husband (so she claims) when he ran for Salisbury City Council in 2009. Muir ran again for Salisbury City Council in 2011.

Muir is currently an Asset Protection Manager for Walmart and has worked for the company for over 18 years. He and his wife Briggiti reside in Salisbury, Maryland and are members of Oak Ridge Baptist Church.

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