Immigration Reform Overview

One of the most controversial and heated topics today in our country is immigration. The debate on immigration has gotten very emotional as people are very passionate about the issue. Taking a step back and evaluating the issue rationally is the first step in developing real solutions.

My proposal begins with a quote from Lorenzo Gaztanaga, a former Libertarian Candidate for Congress, “Peaceful people crossing borders peacefully for peaceful purposes.” This is the basis for my proposal in creating an orderly process for immigration into our country.

First we have to understand that many of the people who wish to come to America to work do not want to remain here forever. Many work and send a good portion of the money they earn back to there families in their home countries. There are some that do come here for the benefits and to intentionally have their children here. There are also those that come with very bad intentions.

Our goal is to create a process that addresses all of these situations, is orderly and is fair. Here is what we propose:


  1. We create a process in concert with the Mexican Government where those interested in temporarily working in the United States may apply for available jobs here. Employers can post work that they have available, it is user fee based system and the employer is responsible for transporting the employee. A more detail explanation of the plan can be found by clicking this link.
  2. Those that are currently undocumented will be given a one time opportunity to apply for the program with there employer applying as well. All back taxes must be paid and proper documentation obtained to ensure everything done properly. This does not put them on path for citizenship, it only authorizes them to legally work in the United States.

This process is simple, humane and fair. It creates a process that is efficient and fair and it is a user pay system. Peaceful people crossing borders peaceful for peaceful purposes.

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