Revolution Money Bomb

We are proud to be a part of the Revolution Money Bomb. Many of you checking out our website will find that if you are a Ron Paul supporter and you support what he has been fighting for all these years, well quite frankly you are going to love us.

The principles of Liberty, Freedom and Peace are bigger than any one person. Much like the first American Revolution many individuals came together for a common cause, a purpose and an idea that was greater than any one individual. From that Revolution a new nation was born and a set of principles etched on parchment changed the history of the world.

Over the years we have watched as the principles that were set forth at our founding, have slowly and gradually been  ignored and infringed upon. Often times we would shift back and honor those principles with actions such as freeing the slaves and women attaining the right to vote. Just as quickly we ratify treaties that undermine our sovereignty and oppress our people with burdensome taxes, debt and a Federal Reserve that devalues our currency.

We stand at a moment in our Nation’s history that a clear line must be drawn. There is no middle ground, you are either a Statist or a Libertarian. You either believe in individual freedom or you don’t. I believe that we should all Live and Be Free. Let’s send that message in this election.

With all of that said, I am asking that you consider donating $20.12 to our campaign. Certainly if you wish to donate more we would not turn that down. Every penny counts and our goal is to spread the ideas of Liberty and Freedom during this election, as well as offering real solutions to many of the issues we face.

So how does a money bomb work? First, go to and follow the instructions on the page by entering your email address, liking our Facebook Page and following us on Twitter. Come back to this page on August 15, 2012 and make your donation. Make sure that you enter your email address on so that you will receive your reminder.

So join me by sending a message of rejection to the two party system which has failed our country.

We appreciate your consideration.

In Libety,

Muir Boda

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