Muir Boda Press Release on Wendy Rosen’s Withdrawal from Congressional Race

September 10, 2012

Muir Boda – Libertarian Candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 1st District

Today it was announced that Democrat Wendy Rosen would be resigning as the Democrat’s Nominee in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District at the request of the Democratic Party of Maryland. It has been alleged that Mrs. Rosen was registered to vote in both Maryland and in the State of Florida and allegedly voted in both states during that period of time. If true, then there should be serious consequences for those actions.

The Libertarian Candidate in the 1st District, Muir Boda, stated, “I do wish to commend the Democratic Party of Maryland for taking proactive steps in this matter. The integrity of our elections is paramount in the democratic process and it is unfortunate that this was not discovered sooner. It is even more unfortunate that anyone would seek office at any level of government and have violated election laws in such a manner, if in fact the allegations are true.

Though not the way I was hoping to be able to provide an alternative to the two major parties, this does provide us with an opportunity. We will now be directly competing with incumbent Congressman Andy Harris for the votes of moderate Democrats, Libertarian Republicans and Independents. Though we may not agree with Democrats on some issues, I believe we can sway votes by focusing on ending the wars, defending civil liberties and educating many on the advantages of free markets in addressing many of the issues that government has failed at regulating.

First and foremost we must be focused on reducing the $16 Trillion National Debt and the $1 Trillion budget deficit. This is the greatest threat to our National Security and we must come together and address this issue head on. Serious progress must be made on reforming Social Security and Medicare. We must work to reduce spending across the board to prevent a financial meltdown of the Federal Government.”

This coming November voters in the 1st District have another option other than same old choices with Libertarian Muir Boda on the ballot. For more information on his campaign his website is For more information on the Libertarian Party of Maryland visit and the Libertarian Party at

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