Let’s End the Status Quo

Muir Boda – Libertarian Candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 1st District

After working for over 19 years at Walmart in a variety of positions at many different stores and working with over 1,000 different people from all over the world, I have learned a few things. Much of what I have learned I feel would carry over to the halls of Congress and Government in general.

If Walmart’s Three Basic Beliefs were applied in Congress and in government, our Country would not be in the shape it is in. Respect for the Individual, Striving for Excellence and Service to our Customers, in retrospect over the past few decades our government has failed at all three.

First, Respect for the Individual is one of the most important pillars of Walmart’s culture. It is simply what our company was founded on and it should be the basis of every interaction between individuals.

Imagine if members of Congress used respect when talking to, with and about their colleagues and the President.

Imagine for just a moment when expressing our ideas, we all used this principal.

Imagine for just a moment if this was the approach we used when negotiating or dealing with other nations.

Second, Striving for Excellence goes hand in hand with Respect for the Individual. It is that constant feeling that “I can do better” and the restlessness from constantly working to improve on yesterday, last week, last month and last year. It is the utter rejection of the “Status Quo”. It’s the culture of setting goals and when you achieve those, continue on and try to surpass those goals, and then look at what you did and work twice as hard next year for better results. That is striving for excellence.

Imagine if that attitude was applied to eliminating our National Debt. Imagine, for a moment, if that attitude coupled with Respect for the Individual, was our Government’s approach to Foreign Policy. Our world would be a safer and friendlier place.

When you succeed in combining these two elements, it provides a level of service to your end customer, whether in the business world or in this case Citizens and Taxpayers.

When looking at the $16 Trillion National Debt, we have to be honest that our Government has completely disrespected and disregarded our Citizens and the future generations. They have placed a burden on the future with incredible amounts of unfunded liabilities. They have created a system in which corruption flourishes, corporatism rules and Oligarchy is the Status Quo.

They have destroyed any sense of true humanity in many individuals by creating generations of dependency on the Federal Government. This will soon end, as the status quo is mathematically unsustainable.

Next, looking at our failure to Respect the Individual Sovereignty of other nations has eroded the once good name of our country around the world. The clout that we once had is quickly disappearing. Invading and bombing nations at will, killing hundreds of thousands of people, causes resentment and hatred that builds up. In our own arrogance we fail to realize and understand the unintended consequences of our actions; actions that we took over the years that has caused many of today’s problems.

One of the things we regularly do at Walmart is called “Correction of Errors”. It is simply taking the time to look back and analyze what decisions were good and what decisions were not good. As a nation it is something we must do and we must be very critical of actions whether it be legislative, militarily, foreign policy decisions, federal budgets and the list goes on.

We must analyze with a critical eye and if something is not working, we must end that practice, government agency or program. Keeping programs or agencies around because that is the status quo or keeping certain failed laws or policies in place because that is the status quo is the greatest failure of all. That is unacceptable; we must begin rejecting the status quo because it has led us to war, debt, dependency, inflation and the downward spiral of our international influence.

Righting these problems begins with demanding that our elected officials and government employees act with respect in all that they do. They must also understand that they are public servants, with the emphasis that they are Servants, not lords and masters. We must demand that they strive for excellence and never be satisfied with the Status Quo. We must demand that they not leave a legacy of the burden of an oppressive national debt coupled with trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities on future generations.

We are much better than that, for we are Americans.

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