Ready for a Revolution

Muir Boda – Libertarian for Congress in Maryland’s 1st District

If the U.S. Government wants a revolution, it certainly is doing a good job at creating one. The first American Revolution was started with less intrusion by King George and the British Government.

The question that arises is how much more are Americans willing to take from an over-reactive Nanny State that feels it must dictate every aspect of American’s lives?

Last year there were two specific  news items that caught my eye, the first was  the family that is facing $4 Million in fines for raising and selling rabbits, then there was the Amish Farmer in Pennsylvania that was raided at gun point by federal agents acting on behalf of the FDA that was the conclusion of a year-long investigation of sales of Raw Milk.

I mean, think about that for a second, the FDA spends untold resources investigating an Amish Farmer, then raids him at gun point.

To add to this unquestionable thirst for control and power with a boot at the throat of the American people, the Federal Government goes to extreme lengths to enforce over-bearing and ridiculous laws that protect no one and simply creates another class of criminals.

The problem is that Americans are too busy working to pay taxes and support a government that has enormous debt and a punitive tax system. Next there is incredible amount of and the enormous complexity of the regulatory system that creates a sense of fear and imposes a tyranny on the people. When citizens must live in fear of a government, it is time to change that system of government, specifically the laws, regulations and the people that run it.

All of this makes America ripe for a revolution. One by one, America needs to elect leaders who understand that the Statist Boot must be lifted from the throats of Americans. The stranglehold on American ingenuity through regulations must be removed. If not, then America will quickly fade out and end with a destiny much like Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Mighty and feared at its peak, irrelevant and useless at its end.

Throughout history when facing a fork in the road, some people have chosen wisely and changed their ways, others have continued down the destructive path of economic ruin and moral decay. America is at such a fork in the road. The question then becomes, do we fight in a New Revolution or do we submit to the power and authority of the Government?

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