True Economic Recovery

Have we reached this point?

Many experts, economists and government officials have been throwing around different philosophies and opinions on how the government can bring about economic recovery. The basic truth of their proposals and opinions goes to show they have no experience or any idea about reality.

The simple fact is that Government is the biggest problem. Government regulations, government waste and fraud and the heavy burden of taxes on our citizens and businesses is the problem. Out of control government spending has brought us to the point of ridiculous taxes and regulations that have nearly destroyed American ingenuity and creativity.

First, it is so difficult to start a business in America anymore. There are so many regulations to comply with that it is difficult for small business to get a fair shot.

Second, many manufacturers are going overseas to countries that are welcoming them and the jobs they bring. It is simply better to do business elsewhere because those countries have created an environment conducive to business and growth.

Third, over zealous government prosecutors, the IRS and government regulators are constantly looking for targets, and then they try to find some obscure law or regulation to go after many successful businesses and businesspeople.  The issue here is there are too many laws, too many regulations and to many government bureaucrats.

This Keynesian school of thought is driving economic productivity down. True economic recovery will not be attained if we continue down this path. Upward mobility will not occur so long as we continue creating a culture of dependency, success envy and continue allowing the government to determine what is fair.

Success is attained by hard work and dedication and the rewards are great. The current terms of “shared sacrifice” and “Millionaires and Billionaires need to pay their fair share” are terms that if applied in law and policy, have no definition of what is fair. More money is simply taken out of the free market; people have less of a desire to be successful if they are punished for it.

When this occurs, fewer jobs are created. More people are unemployed or underemployed, which leaves people not reaching their full potential. This is the situation we find ourselves in now.

We need to first, repeal regulatory legislation and laws that have mounted up over the decades. Eliminate the IRS, all payroll taxes and replace it with a maximum 10% consumption sales tax. Eliminate over burdensome regulatory agencies and allow businesses to operate in freedom not in fear.

These steps will create an enormous economic explosion in this country. It will remove the bonded servitude that we have allowed ourselves to be put in.

I believe we need to get the Government out of the private sector. The sense of fear that individuals and businesses have of our government needs to be removed to free our economy. I prefer a government that fears its people. When that happens, our economy and our people will be free.

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