Dr. Richard Davis Endorses Muir Boda

Dr. Richard Davis

A few months ago the Maryland Libertarian Party offered me the opportunity for a third run for the First District Congressional seat.  After careful consideration I concluded that I have reached an age where I would no longer consider a regular commute to Washington and suggested it was time for a younger candidate.

I got to know Muir Boda fairly well during my last campaign, where he was very helpful.  We had enough contact to give me a good idea of his political leanings.  If there is any difference between his political philosophy and mine, it might be that he is somewhat more optimistic than I that there may still be enough time to avert the economic and civil liberties train wreck that the federal and state governments are still clearly determined to impose upon us.

Muir is younger and much more “tech savvy” than I, so he will be able to run a much more active campaign than I was, a counter to one of the biggest criticisms I heard about my campaigns.  His fund raising experience from his Salisbury campaigns should help him raise funds for a more highly visible campaign, where my philosophical aversion to the fund-railing process was another criticism I received frequently.

I will be supporting Muir Boda and I strongly urge all who supported me in the last two campaigns to do so.


Richard J. Davis, D.D.S.

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