The Right to Life

In the late summer of 1972 a young woman, 19 years old, was faced with a dilemma, she was pregnant. Uncertain as to her future and what to do, she confides in several friends trying to determine what to do and receives several different opinions.

Ultimately, she approaches her Mother and then her father. Both parents are visibly upset and the young woman tells her parents that she was thinking of having an abortion. Her father demands to know who the child’s father is and a devastated young woman gives up the name of the father of the child, who happened to be a former Marine, as was the young lady’s father.

Man to man, Marine to Marine, they come to an understanding of what the right thing to do is.

On April 1, 1973 I was born to a loving family. Muir and Brenda Cummings were proud, loving parents, as were my grandparents on both sides. Growing up, I can say for a fact that I received so much love from my family and that I am grateful for the choices that were made.

There have been millions and millions of Americans since then who were not as lucky as I. They have all been deprived of the most basic of human rights, the right live.

In what is one of the most divisive issues of my generation, it is one that has sharply divided this country. Many have deeply held religious beliefs when it comes to this issue and others have just as strong beliefs the other way. All want legislation and government action from a variety of angles. I approach this issue a little differently than most.

As a Libertarian I hold that the Government’s limited role in our lives is to protect the individual from force or fraud. That holds true to the Constitutional “right to life, liberty and property” and the Declaration of Independent’s “Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

I believe that all life is precious and I also believe that each individual human being of the species Homo Sapien, born or unborn, has a purpose. Though few understand or pursue their true purpose, each individual has a right to pursue it, has a right to life and to liberty. The natural order of existence is to create life, barbaric procedures such as abortion, are contradictory to nature as it destroys the process of life.

Like slavery in early American History, abortion has been a black eye on America. The destruction of so many millions of lives and the emotional scars on the hearts of those mothers who made that decision has been horrific. To live a life wondering what might have been, the first steps, the first time saying “Mama”, the first day of school, graduations, a missed wedding day and the joys and pain of living are but what ifs. I do not condemn them, I do not wish any ill will, I keep them in my prayers and thoughts and hope that some day they can heal.

I have talked to and known many women who been through an abortion and it is tough. Many go through it alone as they do not want family to know, which is why many women never heal emotionally from the trauma. This is also why suicide attempts are common among women who have abortions. I am disappointed in the Women’s Rights movement as they rarely focus on this aspect of fighting for Abortion Rights. They are so focused on the one aspect, yet they disregard the fact that so many women who exercise this “right to choose” become so emotionally devastated and receive little support.

This is where private charitable organizations can step in offering adoption options and counseling. There are many loving families that want children but can’t have them and the waiting lists are long. Believe it or not, there is still much Love to go around in this country.

Continuing with the thought of a limited Federal Government, I do not support Taxpayer funding of abortion. I do not support Taxpayer monies to organizations that fund abortions internationally or organizations such as UNICEF that perform sterilization procedures on indigenous woman in foreign countries. These very same people that demand reproductive rights for women will just as easily take them away from women they think shouldn’t have them.

I am pro-life. I believe everyone from conception to death has a right to live their life to the fullest and Live it Freely.

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